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Coal cutter


Coal cutter is a large complex system which integrates machinery, electricity and hydraulic pressure,which can mainly realize mechanization and modernization of coal mine production. Mechanized coal mining can reduce manual labor and improve safety,achieving the goal of high production, high efficiency and low consumption. QT mainly provides a series of supporting systems for it, so as to realize the data collection of shearer's voltage, current, traction speed, traction force,and motion state, etc; realize the communication between PLC and IR keyboard and inverter; receive remote control signal and IR keyboard signal; complete corresponding control commands and displaying information according to the received signals; complete the calculation, conversion, storage and output control of various information; with two working modes: manual mode and optimal mining efficiency control. realize the main control system functions such as fault self-test in the process of system boot and real-time operation according to the professional systems. Balance valves provided by QT can prevent the cylinder from stalling and make the movement smoother.